Dangers Of Smoking In Cars That Are Often Ignored – One of the bad habits of car owners is smoking in the cabin, even though this activity has a negative impact on the health and cleanliness of the vehicle. Smoking while driving also interferes with concentration, because one hand has to hold the steering wheel while both fingers pinch the cigarette.

Driver’s attention is also distracted when throwing cigarette ash while driving. If the ash is thrown out of the window, it will catch the wind and disturb other drivers behind your car.

suffers many losses if they smoke in the car. Therefore, avoid smoking in the car and keep the cabin condition clean and tidy so that it is comfortable to use

Dangers Of Smoking In Cars That Are Often Ignored

Leave a smell

Cigarette smoke will persist and stick to various corners of the car cabin, especially the cockpit area such as the dashboard, steering wheel, and front door panels.

The unpleasant smell of nicotine will continue https://daihatsujakbar.com/ to stick and will be very difficult to remove at any time. Try to pay attention to the roof of the car cabin, if there are yellow spots, it means the owner likes to smoke in the car. Not only is it annoying, but it also makes the cabin uncomfortable, especially for young children and the elderly.

Dirty AC circulation

Don’t forget, cigarette smoke has the potential to enter the AC circulation system and settle so that the air from the car air conditioner will mix with harmful nicotine.

Cigarette smoke will also stick to the filter and even stick to the AC Evaporator which can make the smell not go away even though the cabin filter has been replaced.

The unpleasant smell of secondhand cigarette smoke will continue to circulate when the AC is turned on so that it has the potential to interfere with health.

Cars are potentially difficult to sell

Prospective car owners definitely don’t want to buy a used car that smells like cigarettes or even has nicotine stains in the car because it indicates the previous owner was a smoker or was lazy to keep the car clean.

Even if it has to be repaired, it will cost a lot to restore the cleanliness of the car cabin from the smell of cigarettes. Even then, there is no guarantee that the distinctive and pungent odor can completely disappear from the car.