What are escape games?

An escape room is a fully immersive gaming experience. Players team up to solve series of puzzles using clues, hints, and strategies to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given a mission to solve and have one hour to escape. Are you up for the challenge?

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Can we book a corporate event?

Yes, we fully endorse team building and corporate events are the way to achieve this! We offer special pricing for larger groups of 15 participants or more.


Time Puzzles

Race against the clock as you encounter puzzles that will challenge your wits and your teamwork. With the strict timeline you will make or break friendships (temporarily we hope).

Advanced / Cutting Edge

As our rooms get more in depth, we bring in higher technology equipment to further make the puzzles more challenging and fun.



John A.

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I’ve done almost every escape room in Florida, and this is so much better than the rest. Not to mention the owners are super cool and fun, and the place is WAY cleaner than your typical escape room. Whether it’s your first room, or your 100th, you’ll love it!

Timothy Y.

Awesome place! We’ve done all three room now, each room is challenging, fun, and great variety of locks, puzzles and technological gadgets! The staff tonight (7-15-22) was super and enthusiastic, we did one room and immediately booked another. Wish | got their names to praise them more bc we love doing rooms with people who really care and enjoy what they do!

Miranda P.

Unique escape room experience! This was a really creative and curated experience that had a fun/spooky theme. There were some really clever puzzles to solve and the attention to detail was impeccable!

Eduardo V.

“When you arrive you don’t know what to expect, then you are greeted by great staff, so welcoming, so nice, we are a family of 4 with young kids and we had a blast at the Magic School, we were mind blown, really cool experience, very well thought, so immersive, lots of fun, thanks Room Raiders , we escaped the room!!! Made great memories!!!”

Jirina H.

“These are very high quality and very beautiful rooms. We’ve done all 3 of them and all were fantastic. Even the one we didn’t make it out of in time. For the School of Magic, we highly recommend doing it with more that 2 people, there is so much to do, we ran out of time. Fantastic room but get a group of at least 4.

Both Asylum and Bloody Mary are pretty creepy, amazing but creepy. It made our hair stand up several times. Bloody Mary is our favorite.

Our game master, Riley, was amazing. Super kind and fun. Thank you so much for the great experience. We’ll be looking forward coming back when Room Raiders build new rooms!”

Feel free to contact us about anything!