7 Recommendations for Frozen Food Products During Ramadan Fasting

Apart from its long shelf life, frozen food is very easy and practical to process. This makes frozen food products popular with people who don’t have time to spend long cooking in the kitchen. There’s no harm in filling the refrigerator with a variety of frozen foods for the convenience and comfort of cooking the sahur or iftar menu.

Buying and sending frozen food products is now even easier with the presence of the Lalamove instant delivery service. With the Lalabag thermal bag feature and four-wheeled fleet support, Lalamove is ready to deliver your frozen food orders safely and securely. What frozen food do you need to buy to stock during the fasting month? Read the following recommendations according to coloradomeatpiecompany.


Nuggets are a classic type of frozen food that has been on the market for a long time. Not only do they come in chicken variants, nuggets are now also being modified from other proteins such as connective nuggets to tofu nuggets and vegetarian nuggets. As long as there is a stock of nuggets in the refrigerator, you don’t need to worry about starving when breaking fast and at dawn.

Frozen Grilled Chicken

Home-made frozen food has now also become a quite popular alternative ready-to-eat food. Home-made frozen food usually presents a variety of traditional flavored side dishes that take a long time to cook yourself. One that is very popular is frozen food, ungkep chicken. The flavors offered are very varied, from galangal fried chicken, spiced fried chicken, bacem fried chicken to rujak spiced chicken.


Sausages are a mainstay frozen food product that must be in the refrigerator during the fasting month. Sausages can be cooked into various food and snack menus. Starting from soup, egg sausage omelets, to grilled sausage snacks.

Frozen Rendang

Apart from fried chicken, rendang is also a popular frozen food at home. How come? Rendang, which can be cooked for hours, can be served quickly by simply heating it on the stove or microwave in just a few minutes.

Chicken Katsu

Chicken katsu can be said to be a large version of a frozen food product, chicken nuggets with a little flour. Just by adding instant curry seasoning and a few variations of vegetables, the chicken katsu curry dish can be enjoyed for breaking the fast or sahur.

Frozen Beef Jerky

The sweet, sweet taste of beef jerky is very appetizing and suitable for sahur or breaking the fast menu. Now, beef jerky has a frozen food version, you know. Frozen beef jerky food is now widely marketed both online and offline. Beef jerky accompanied by warm white rice and onion chili sauce is enough to increase your appetite when breaking the fast and dawn.


Frozen food roulades usually have two types, beef and chicken. Rollade can be used as a side dish on its own or as part of a vegetable soup. The taste is definitely delicious, it’s also very quick to make.

Frozen food is very sensitive to temperature changes. To prevent damage, frozen food should not be left at room temperature for more than two hours. Therefore, frozen food delivery needs to be handled by an instant delivery service that has experience sending frozen food. Lalamove has been trusted by frozen food business owners since 2018 to send orders.

Apart from your own consumption, you can also give frozen food hampers to your family, relatives and it can even be turned into a profitable business, you know. With the support of the four-wheeled fleet of Lalamove delivery services, delivery of frozen food hampers is safer against changes in environmental temperature so as not to reduce their shelf life.

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