Recommendations For Types of Seafood that are Safe to Eat When Dieting

Some people avoid seafood because they are worried about the cholesterol or fat content in seafood. Indeed there are some seafood that contain high cholesterol, but not all seafood should be avoided for that reason.

Some seafood is still safe to eat while on a diet because it contains nutrients that are good for the body. Apart from that, additional info also needs to pay attention to how to cook it so that seafood remains low in cholesterol. Here are some types of seafood that are safe to eat while on a diet.


Scallop is one of the seafood with the nickname ‘anti-obesity’. This seafood contains high protein but low fat. In addition, scallops contain little cholesterol or fat, so they are included in the category of healthy seafood. You can even consume scallops every day as a source of protein while on a diet.


Many people are afraid to consume squid because it is considered to contain high cholesterol. In fact, squid is a nutrient-rich seafood with less fat and more protein than shrimp. So this seafood is suitable for consumption if you are doing a weight loss program. If you are worried about gaining weight while on a diet, you can eat squid.


Salmon is one of the famous seafood with high nutrition. This fish contains high omega-3 fats. These fatty acids help maintain heart health. In addition, salmon also contains high protein that helps stabilize the body’s hormones to control appetite.

Tuna fish

Apart from salmon, tuna is one of the best fish to eat while on a diet. Tuna meat contains low fat but is high in protein so it doesn’t cause obesity. This tuna also contains lots of vitamins, iron, and calcium for body health.


Crayfish are shrimp that live among corals with a lobster-like shape but are smaller in size. This type of shrimp is different from shrimp that live in captivity. Crayfish are very low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals. So that this seafood is classified as a healthy seafood and suitable for consumption when on a diet.


Another fish that is also suitable for consumption while on a diet is catfish. Behind the cheap price, catfish contains low calories and fat. This fish also contains omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins, and very high healthy fats. Compared to other types of seafood, this catfish is a fish that is easy to get and available anywhere.