First Aid Steps for People with Drugs / Methamphetamine

The following are steps to take when someone is experiencing withdrawal due to drugs, please click here.

1. Prepare hot water in a Bottle

The function of this hot water is to relieve stomach pain in users. The trick is to place a bottle filled with hot water on the user’s stomach so that the person’s condition will feel better.

2. Put it in a quiet Room

When you find a friend, relative or friend getting hung up, you should find a quiet place and then place the person in the room. With a quiet room, the mental condition of this sufferer can be calmer.

3. Contact a doctor or medical Personnel

Immediately seek help from medical personnel so they can treat this person who is withdrawing. With the right treatment, the desperate person will gradually recover.

4. Provide Entertainment Media

For example television, magazines or radio. With entertainment media it can be a means of diversion for sufferers who are experiencing withdrawal.

5. Avoid giving Medicine

We should not immediately give drugs to relieve pain. We should wait for instructions from the doctor regarding the right medicine to be given to people who are suffering from this.

6. Accompany

Don’t let people who are sakau alone. Make sure there is always someone to accompany him to ensure his condition is in good condition.

7. Try to Communicate

Try to talk to this patient in a calm way. That way, we can know how far the effects of withdrawal experienced by this patient. If possible, try to ask how much drug is consumed. That way we can identify what type of drug or methamphetamine the patient is using and later this can be notified to medical personnel.

8. Prepare an Ambulance

Under certain conditions, usually further treatment will be carried out at the hospital. Therefore, we can try to find an ambulance so that when needed this patient can be taken directly to the nearest hospital.

9. Try to keep the patient calm

Certain types of drugs can make people very aggressive. Therefore, we can try to continue to calm the patient.

10. Undress

Sometimes in certain sakau cases, the person will feel sweltering. For that, we can try to remove the patient’s clothes so that his body condition can be cooler.

11. Continue to Monitor the Patient’s Condition

If it comes to, for example, that the person who is so withdrawn faints, this shows that his condition is deteriorating. It is important to always have someone watching this patient’s condition.

12. Trust the Media Force

Let the doctor or medical personnel help with the treatment of this distressed person. Trust completely in the experts.

13. Avoid Giving Soft Drinks

Avoid giving fizzy or caffeinated drinks. Because it is feared that it could make the patient’s condition worse. Those are some steps that need to be taken if you know someone who is addicted to crystal methamphetamine or drugs. Be sure to contact medical personnel immediately so that the patient’s condition can be treated quickly.