Delicious Traditional Typical Jordanian Food

Mentioning Jordan will definitely remember Petra, a famous tourist spot in Jordan. But apart from having stunning tourist attractions, this country is also famous for its delicious food with the flavors of Levantine countries, namely countries in the West Asia region. Jordanian food has influences from the Middle East, North Africa, Persia and the Mediterranean.

There are many food options in the country, from delicious savory dinners to sweet desserts. If in Korea there is banchan, in Jordan there is mezze. Mezze dishes in the form of salads and appetizers are served in small plates and eaten communally. This meal is served before the main meal.


This classic comfort food from Jordan is unique in its presentation. After a long cooking process by slow simmering over low heat, this dish of rice, potatoes, chicken and vegetables is then turned over to the table.

To get a beautiful appearance will depend on the skill of the cook when cooking and turning it. The Jordanian delicacy, which is made from rice, looks like a cake in which there are many pieces of meat or a mixture of other ingredients that are just as delicious.

Actually the word maqluba means “upside down” and this is a dish that dates back centuries. A version of this dish appears in the 13th century Kitāb Al-tabīkh, which is a collection of recipes dating from medieval Baghdad.


For decades Jordanians and Palestinians have lived side by side. They share their traditions as well as their delicious food recipes. Mulukhiyah originates from Egypt and has existed since the time of the Pharaohs. At that time this food was called mulukiyah, that is, the food of kings, and then afterwards it was adapted by the Palestinians.

Mulukhiyah at first glance looks a bit strange and not very pleasing to the eye. However, once you taste it, you will immediately fall in love. This Jordanian specialty consists of green spices cooked until thick and eaten with rice and chicken.


The next typical Jordanian food is Stuffed Baby Lamb. This dish consists of roasted lamb cooked with chopped onions, peanuts and raisins. This culinary is served in large portions, stuffed Baby Lamb is usually eaten with rice.


This typical Jordanian food has a mild taste. Labneh is a thick, traditional Middle Eastern yogurt. This food is made of yogurt and salt. There is no specific method for making Labneh.

When frozen, Whey yogurt is a product similar to thick, stiff cheese. The texture of Labneh varies, some are filled with Creamy until they are solid, but the taste is still relatively light and a little salty.


Labneh is not the main food, in the form of traditional Middle Eastern yogurt which you can also taste. In Jordan itself, including food that is always served. Its creamy texture with mild taste makes it so delicious. The ingredients used to make it consist of salt and yogurt.

It’s just that the yogurt needed is plain yogurt and also filled with fat. Then added salt and left until stiff. It takes 12 hours to 24 hours for this typical food to stand. Actually, the texture of Labneh itself varies, some have a dense texture but some are creamy with a light salty taste.

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