Indeed, Alexander-Arnold ranks among the most closely examined players in English football, in particular when international breaks roll around. He is seemingly too perplexing an enigma to be solved in the limited time Gareth Southgate gets with his squad. Try though he might, he cannot bottle lightning as Jurgen Klopp has. No one needs reminding how devastating a weapon Liverpool’s right back is on the front foot but it is perhaps worth stepping back and DoreenSta barcelona trøje MelaniePi appreciating the scale.

In a formation that often transforms into a 3-2-5 in attacking build up, Cancelo sits next to Rodri in midfield as the player instructed with keeping the ball moving through attacking possessions, looking to probe maglia napoli between the lines and slip in teammates. He functions more as a midfield playmaker than a traditional full back and it is notable that he is attempting far fewer take ons this season than when he first DoreenSta barcelona trøje MelaniePi arrived at City. In 2019-20 3.8 percent of his carries would see him involved in a one vs. one with a defender, that proportion is now down to 2.7 percent. Meanwhile he is taking shots at a level almost unimaginable for a full back a decade ago. His 2.19 per 90 minutes in Premier League action is the same as Ollie Watkins, slightly higher than Raul Jimenez and 0.07 better than Romelu Lukaku.